VIST Robotics is engaged in the creation and development of the project "Intelligent Mine System" - the first mining technology in open pit mining in Russia and the CIS, which does not require the presence of people. The technology involves the transfer of all equipment (excavators, dump trucks, loaders, drilling rigs and railway vehicles) into an autonomous mode or into remote control mode. Besides the mining industry, the company provides the complex solutions for the industrial transportation based on autonomous trucks, innovative technologies and artificial intelligence (AI).

VIST Robotics is a wholly owned subsidiary of VIST Group, with a focus on R & D in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous technology. Skolkovo Foundation resident, established in 2011, HQ in Moscow.



VIST Mining Technology LLC
Moscow, Russia
Office 555, Bolshoy boulevard 42
E-mail: info@vistrobotics.ai
Phone: +7 (499) 398-41-53