VIST Robotics successfully tested bulldozer remote control

VIST Robotics successfully tested bulldozer remote control

VIST Robotics made a test drive for the remotely controlled bulldozer CHETRA T15. A multi-ton construction machine was located at the test site in Cheboksary, operated by an operator in Moscow. All technological tasks were successfully fulfilled.

Bulldozers - a new type of equipment for VIST Robotics. Before that, the company worked only with autonomous or remotely operated trucks. New development - the progressive development of the concept of the Intelligent Mine - the creation of digital mining, the main advantage of which - the exclusion of people from the dangerous zone of heavy equipment. Bulldozers often stand idle, and the drivers all shift are in the cabin in difficult industrial conditions. To solve this problem, VIST Robotics proposes to create a Control Center in which the operators work continuously. Each of them can connect to any machine simply by selecting it from the list and managing it remotely. The whole picture from the cameras is displayed on the workstation monitors, which can be located in the control center outside the technological platform.

Nikolay Odontsev, COO of VIST Robotics: "The most interesting idea for us is the management of the equipment at a long distance. At the Skolkovo Robotics Forum, we showed the remote control from Moscow of a dump truck in North Africa. And now we tried to operate a bulldozer in Cheboksary. It turns out that drivers of dump trucks, machinists of bulldozers, excavators, other equipment are not tied not only to the machines themselves, but also to the region where the work is being done. A large holding company can create a single management center, for example, in Novosibirsk, and manage machinery from all of its quarries scattered throughout Russia and abroad. "

CHETRA T15 is an average traction class vehicle for industrial, oil and gas, hydraulic engineering and mining. The three-point semi-rigid suspension with the axle of trolley swinging out and micro suspension of the tension wheel provides high traction and traction, reduction of impact loads on the running system and improvement of the operator's working conditions.


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