VIST Robotics Projects

We produce hardware and software for autonomous vehicles and remote control of robotized equipment for heavy industries

Autonomous special vehicles. KAMAZ Neo

As further developing cooperation with KAMAZ, VIST Robotics launched new project – fully autonomous truck based on KAMAZ 5490. Neo – is brand new truck for KAMAZ providing new technological modes of exploitation comparable to leading producers of commercial trucks. Project is realized with participation of Nazarbayev University.

Vehicle will be equipped with numerous systems for autonomous driving, most of them developed by VIST Robotics. Also equipment of Continental, Quanergy and Trimble will be used for the project.

Intelligent Mine

Intelligent Mine – is fully unmanned and robotized technology for mining enterprises. Full-scale implementation of the project requires long-duration technological tests of different solutions. Our nearest goal – is successful implementation of autonomous technologies at specific mining areas. In cooperation with our partners we established special testing area, not for technology simulation, but to work out solutions in real conditions of mining site production.

Testing area consist of haulage truck, fenced ground for working on basic operations, load-unload area and dedicated road. Also deployed data communication system with full coverage of the area. We planned the area taking into account every conditions of truck movement – straight line, sharp turnings, ascents and descents. Area also equipped with dynamic dummies of obstacles to develop and improve security systems of Intelligent Mine project.

Autonomous special vehicles. KAMAZ 5350

Joint project with trucks producer KAMAZ for development first fully robotized KAMAZ 5350 started in 2014. Successful realisation of all the task posed during the project provided VIST Robotics with multipurpose solution applied in different industries. In recent years we have been constantly working on technology improvement and apdaptability of our solutions to solve business needs of enterprises.


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